Our Team

Kumar SK Gurung
Chief Executive Officer

We are proud of our colleagues and staff of meeting satisfaction   of our clients with sincere efforts.

Chandani Management Services Pvt. Ltd.   Have been established   to provide client of the kind of personalized, specialist   and expert and services that every clients and constantly   looking for yet very rarely to avail.

We do provide manpower who think, speak and do everything we do. They are we and their cooperation   in the process of deals is a must.  Fortunately we get cooperation   from our clients probably for we select   particular   incumbent for particular job and we train and orient them suiting with profession   before departure.

We are proud to say, our recruiters have gained confidence and love whatever they have worked for their sincerity, honest and hard work.

We hope, Chandani Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Shall render still better service to the clients bringing about name and fame for the nation in the years to come.

We are grateful to the concerned Government organizations and Embassies for all our cooperation without which we could not come to the position we stand now.

Every credit of ours having been largest export house of Nepali Manpower goes to our valued clients who have confidently placed orders on us.